Friday, August 21, 2015

Inspirations: Rings

I am a jewelry junkie. I love creating them and wearing them both. More over collecting them is super fun. I will share with you my jewelry collection soon ;>. Today I want to share some pretty rings with you:

Rings By Abbey Dawn:

I love them all. Kind of rock n roll and spiky.  Sadly, all of these are sold out.


The latest trend I've noticed on girls is wearing these thin gold like rings in bunch. Love this style.


This ring is rad. Because if you observe closely, you will see the base of this ring is bead like. Not exactly beads. But bead like texture ;>.



I love this one made from nut and then stones are added in middle of two glued nuts.


How about taking thumb print on flimo of say your best friend and you. Make a ring out of it x>.


This one is made from simple tiny cork. I adore this idea. Reminds me of carving names on tree ;>.


Note: I don't own any of these photos. I have lost link to most of the photos here. Kindly Leave in comments so that could add them here.

Saoirse Chic

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