Sunday, August 9, 2015

Useful tricks for crafters

Hello there kiddies:>. I collected few useful tricks for you crafters/designers. you can use them to make your working more easier. I have got dozens of tricks which I use in all my hand made designs. I will compile them all for you soon ;>. But today here are few which I saved from different places:

Recycle egg box for making a sewing kit for yourself.


Ever wondered to work with chalk for pattern but did not knew how?. Well here it is, use pencil sharpener for sharpening your chalk.


This is called Emboss technique. First you add fun shapes like in this case dots, using Emboss tubes or lead paint. Then you spray it up or simply paint the whole object. This will what you'll get as final result. I absolutely love this idea. It can be utilized on so many different mediums like paper, cardboard, canvas and much more.


For adding buttons to your any weaved/yarn creation just for temporary time. Use Invisible hair pins like this. It can be quite pheasible for an artwork which you would like to change according to season.


Lastly, stick magnet strips to cute paper arrows for your fridge. how cool ?;>.


Thanks for checking out my tricks. If you have direct link to these pictures then kindly send me I will happily add them here.


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