Sunday, August 9, 2015

DIY: Avril Lavigne Inspired Maroon Makeup

Hello there kiddies. I have been super busy recently with my graphic designs and handmade shop. I am also planning to change my blog layout a bit. It's just all too much at one time. Plus the weather is crazily hot here at my city.

Few days back it rained and I prepared this awesome makeup diy for you. It's so easy to do within 5 simple steps. I present you to Maroon Makeup look inspired by Avril lavigne:

Here are all makeup things you will need:

*Love and beauty Lip Balm Cherry
*Eva Garden Lip Pencil #42 (Typo Error in makeup photo list sorry)
*Baby Pink Lipstick by Miss beauty London
*Any Local Eye shadow palette with pinks and maroon eye shadows,
*A lipstick Brush

Note: You can use any substitute for the makeup mentioned above if you could not find the latter just make sure it's in maroons and pinks.


Step#1: Apply hot pink and maroon eye shadow on your eye lids.
Step#2: Smudge it using eva garden lip pencil over and under eyes.
Step#3: Apply baby pink lipstick on your lips and fill it up with Eva garden lip pencil.
Step#4: Using lip brush add little maroon gloss/balm by love and beauty on lower lip from center.
Step#5: If you want you can add blusher on your cheeks or Line your eyes using black eye pencil ;>.

I am happy with the way it turned out.

Here is my inspiration behind this makeup look.

I am not a professional makeup artist I just like trying makeup looks for fun
Hope you liked this diy and would try it for say Halloween or costume party .


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