Thursday, August 20, 2015

Blog Challenge 2015 for Beginners (Part: 1)

Hello there kiddies :>  I have been having hard time taking out time for adding lots of new renovation on my blog plus layout. So I decided to create "Blog Challenge" where anyone can join me for creating awesome impact on your blog layout and creating advancements. It's 2015 and if you won't do it now then when?. This blog challenge will help me stay motivated and perhaps you can share your progress with me too?;>. That way we can motivate each other.

Here is a list of 10 important things you can start off with. Save this list and start ticking as you accomplish each of them:

I just can't wait to see your progress x>. Don't forget to share with me by taking a screenshot of your daily blog advancement on Instagram. Just tag me with #saoirsechic, so that I can find you.

Let's do this man. A beautiful life ahead as blogger awaits;>,



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