Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ghostly Gossip: "The Maze Runner"

I recently developed an appetite for movies. I absolutely love watching conceptual, psychotic, horror and science fiction movies. Under my label "Ghostly Gossip" I will be sharing rad movies, fashion brands, celebs and style muse gossip from time to time. So make sure you click the "Follow" button on my blog for getting my regular updates ;>.

Few days ago I watched "The Maze Runner". In terms of concept and the "feel" I received from beginning of this flick till the end was totally insane. Now I don't want to make a typical movie "review" out of this. It's already available on 10,000 blogs and websites. I have my own style of telling you what I enjoyed and what I did not liked at all about this flick. So let me take you for a ride in maze runner:

be-wary ;>.

Imagine being stuck in middle of giant maze runner and not able to find a way out through the maze. Worse, you have time till dusk to find a way out through the maze and after that, the gate shuts down till next morning.

The concept is quite interesting if you look at it closely because I have not seen such a concept being made into visual delight before. This was the sweet part.

Now comes the Sour part. The so called Juvenile mystery about "Grievers", at start I was curious to find out and later when I saw grievers were nothing but robotic SPIDERS emitting some sort of poison. I got sucked in literally. Grievers are basically robotic spiders running around in the maze after dusk and once bitten by them you can turn into something similar to zombie 


The Hero:

So a cute teen named Thomas comes to rescue and finds a way out of the maze runner. Once they get out of the maze, they eventually learn all this time an experiment was being performed on them. Which involved studying group of young lads in a closely intact and frustrating atmosphere. So the maze runner was all man made and was being monitored by scientists to find a cure for a deadly disease.

Mystery Of Grievers Unleashed:

Everything falls into place after the lads came out and discovered those robotic spiders were part of the experiment. It contained that deadly disease(which was turning them into zombies), so whenever the robotic spider would sting someone that person would get infected. Such a catastrophic experiment was being performed only for the cure of zombie like disease.

A Scary Maze:

The best part about this flick had to be the genius concept of maze. When the lads get rescued in the end on helicopter. They see, the whole maze was constructed far out in the middle of a desert.  How freakish and cool is that?.

The Fun Facts:

The actor Will Poulter (as Gally in the movie) who starred as an opponent to Thomas in Maze Runner is the same kid actor who starred in "Son Of Rambo" movie. I love this flick it's so fun and awesome for adventurous kids. I first thought he was the same kid who starred in Pink Floyd's movie "The wall".  But I checked he is quite young and is not the same actor from floyd's movie.

As for the "Maze Runner" Movie:

Maze runner is awesome conceptual film. If you are into arts and graphics, enjoy watching science fiction type movies with a little psychological twist. Then this flick is made for you ;>.

Enjoyed much?. Hope you did kiddies. Leave in comments what you think about my today's ghostly gossip. I'd love to hear from you.


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