Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pattern Block Imagery

This Eid, I purchased my very first outfit. As I don't really buy/spend on new clothes ever. Either I recycle my old clothes or my ma/aunt gifts me new ones. But this Eid, I decided to buy something for myself. A very cute water melon print top. An idea just popped in my head after seeing some rad pattern block photos. Why not use this top for creating pattern block imagery?.


I bought the watermelon top from Centaurus mall. It was on sale and hardly cost me 990 Rs. I really adore those little watermelons along with pineapple trees printed all over the top ;>.


My Inspiration:

This polka dot cutsie caught my eye.

Pattern Block Imagery is basically a technique many use for fashion photography. Wearing a pattern outfit with similar pattern background can create an eye "blockage". Which looks quite cool ;>.


Not to forget this rad magazine cover ;>.


This is how my photo looked without the pattern ;>.


And this after adding the pattern ;>.

I took closeup photo of my outfit pattern and then added to it's background on second layer at Adobe Photoshop ;>.


Hope you liked my this idea,

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