Thursday, August 20, 2015

15 Totally Cute Ideas For Your Next Birthday Party

I love everything colorful and candy. Most importantly enjoy celebrating every single day of my life. I have seen decorations, themes, favors and even cake getting so typical day by day in every birthday I come across. I hate ideas which go too common. One should always look for something new and try something unique every time. Here is a compilation of some cute ideas I have collected for you:

Deciding Birthday Theme:

Go for something which can make people go Wow over your awesome prep. How about a starbucks themed party?


I am in love with this woodland theme party. When I first saw this and I was like my future partner/husband is so surprising me with this xp.(If I'll find him ever of course).


Beach themed party is rad idea for summer time. I love that blue juice in cute little tank ;>.


Candy Land *_*.  How about creating a candy garden for the birthday party?. Swell idea man.


Deciding Cake:

Stop going for lame looking typical marzipan coated cakes. (Pulezz). Do something different. How about getting a giant doughnut made ?;>.


Or a giant marshmallow Sophomore cake? Haha. 


Cake Decoration:

Just candles. Bedazzle them. Loving this Bling idea.



Rainbow Jello shots would do great ;>.


Birthday Decoration:

Make a photo collage like this with numbers ;>. This chic nailed it.



Hang frame in garden like this and maybe stick flowers around it?.


Or make a giant barbie box photo booth like this?


Oooopsie!, the above booth not possible to make xp. Ok maybe you can try something more low profile like how about using your fridge box and spraying it up pink to make a barbie box?;>.



No birthday is complete without them. But do them favor, add felt mustaches ;>.


Party Favors:

Confetti in jar. This idea is so very thoughtful x>.


Or maybe you can add chewing gums to packets like these as favor?;>. Love this.


Thanks for checking out my today's rad birthday ideas ;>
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