Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Inspirations: Bird Edition

Hello there kiddies:> I am just having so much fun celebrating my birthday for next 3 days xp. I will share soon the detailed post on my birthday celebrations and fun time which I had and there is still more to come;>. Today I have collected bunch of bird related inspirations for you. So if you like birdies, this post is for you:

I am absolutely smitten by these adorable ceramic bird house/cage by Molly Hatch. Such a pretty collection to keep.

Cages purchasable from : anthropologie


I really like the little blue ceramic duck next to the jar. Clever gift idea for Easter ;>.


Such a beautiful capture of birds.


Cool shrink art ring.


How about recycling milk bottles and hanging birdies like this inside them?;>.


My favorite has to be these awesome bird tree. 

Made from handmade colorful birds which can be purchased for 300 Rs. from my instagram shop here.


Note: I try my best to link all the photo sources, but at times I lose the link to the photo or link doesn't exists anymore. If you find link to any of these then comment under I will happily add them here^.

I am noticing so many of you are diggin' my Taylor swift Diy: 1989 patch, which I made inspired by her video "Shake it off". It's amazing to see I've received over 400+ views on it already. And you kiddies still keep checking it out ;>. Well thank you. so much. I have got dozens of rad diys coming up in future so don't forget to enter your email to subscribe directly for getting regular updates ;>.

I can't wait to share with you rad DIYS in coming days ;>.

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