Monday, June 6, 2016

A Blissful Musician Community {Musical Night Special}

Blissful is the event where you're standing in the middle of the crowd & everyone around you seems to be happy, enjoying and having fun. I've been  to dozens of events, fashion shows, launches, art shows and concerts. But never in my 26 years I've ever seen a gathering of people so comfortable and easy going. Everyone was mingled and interconnected through spirit of music. 

*Abdullah quereshi jamming Live with other fellow musicians*

*Getting to see abdullah quereshi jam right next to me was the most amazing feeling ever*

*Selfie Time with abdullah quereshi during jamming*

Musician Community is damn different from rest of the communities I've ever been to including art, fashion & designing community. Unlike many launches & glamorized events I've been too, they are mostly full of superficial people. Where people talk in groups. corner you & are not mostly friendly at all.

But I was Mesmerized being present in such an inspiring gathering of talented musicians, everyone was lost in the greatest sense of joy of the rythem. It was an ocean of joy connected on the backbone of music.

*Me with Zoha Zuberi
Last year in October 2015, I came across Facebook page of singer Zoha Zuberi. I was mesmerized, the moment i saw it, i got so inspired that i decided to do singing. Never did I knew I would even get a chance to meet her personally, life is so unexpected & full of surprises *

*Me with Musician Mian*

Nothing in this world can give you joy as much as being in the presence of group of passionate & talented people will.

Event; Musical Night
Location: Baramda Cafe (F11 Islamabad)


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