Saturday, July 18, 2015

Trending: Color Pop

Noticing wide range of colors being used in almost every genre. The main color palette focuses on shocking pink, yellow, dark green, blue, purple and red. Honestly speaking these are the "in" colors for summer season.

Starting from these matchsticks. I love how vibrantly all these have been captured with detailed closeup. 

Photo by: imageback


The latest trend are these rad shoes. The sole literally opens up and it gives you an option to fill it up with whatever pretty things you like.

Rad Shoes by: Dollskill


The craziest cake I have ever seen. Looks delicious too.

Cake by: ohmysugarhigh


How about pom pom lashes?. Beautifully rad!. Love these so much. Can be Diyed as well?.

Photo by: thelostlanes


Lastly, my favorite style look of the day got to be this two different toned eye shades. How cool does her hairstyle looks?. I love the use of colorful ponies on her pigtails.

Photo By: sassyworld


Thanks for checking out this rad edition ;>.

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