Thursday, July 16, 2015

DIY: Cardboard Doll House (Part #1)

Hello there kiddies :>. I am totally obsessed by miniatures and doll house. When I was a kid I had over 1000 collection of miniature food, cosmetics, fashion accessories and doll house pieces. With time due to my continuous shifting, I lost all of my miniature pieces. I still have few left but they are very less in quantity(Not enough to fill up a little doll house).

Few months back, craving for having something "miniature", dawned on me again. At first it was just something casual I'd surf at pinterest for fun that suddenly turned into an OBSESSION. I don't want to buy new miniatures, so I decided to create something Epic myself. I am building myself fully furnished doll house with all the supplies in miniature size and the best part is, everything will be made from recycling material ;>. 

This will be done on weekly basis in series. I will share the progress bit by bit every time I'll create something new in my doll house. Today is the 1st part of creating doll house:

Materials Required In Part # 1:
  • Cardboard pieces
  • Masking Tape
  • White paper
  • UHU Glue Tube
  • Acrylic Paints( Red and White)
  • Pencil(Should have rubber behind)
  • Paint Brushes
Join two cardboard pieces together to form a triangle, tape them from the middle, this will be upper portion of doll house. In similar way join 4 pieces of cardboard using masking tape from 3 sides to form a square, this will be the bottom section of doll house. Now join the upper and lower portion together with tape again. Cover the top portion with plain white paper from the exterior.

Step # 2:
Paint the whole roof red using acrylic paint. Use back side of pencil, dipping into white acrylic paint, stamp the whole roof of doll house in white polka dots.

Step # 3:
Using white acrylic paint, add random tiny strokes to make it look like it's snowing on your doll house roof (You can paint it in whatever pattern you like, I am doing this diy my way. You can add your own personality to the doll house roof ;>). Add a line in middle of doll house roof followed by dripping snow look alike strokes to create snow frosting effect.

Hope you enjoyed today's DIY :>. If there is anything you did not understand or found something confusing, ask me and send me feedback on my email :


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