Sunday, July 26, 2015

Selfie Attack # 4

Hello there kiddies :>. Today I want to share with you my #selfiediary from this week. Have a look:


This selfie I took day before yesterday going to my aunt's party. I don't wear any base/foundation. I only use a little blusher.


This is from David Bowie tribute I gave this week. I did face art myself and used orange hair chalk on my front hairs.


This is on Eid day #1. I went to meet my family at bahria town. Wearing my new dress which I shopped with my friends ;>. Will be sharing full outfit post on this soon.


This is before going to my aunt's lovely home on 2nd last fast in Ramazan ;>.


Here is my aunt's lovely garden and me strolling with peacocks. 


Then at night time I went to Buffet with my best friend. It was soo yummy. I can't wait to share my review and experience soon.


This one was taken 2 weeks ago, I curled my hairs.


Lastly, that's me in Dubai, 2 years ago. Haha I used this cellphone back then, I still have it though ;>.


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