Friday, July 24, 2015

My inspiration, WildFox and FREE sticker!

Remember last month I did "100% Boys Tears" Epic Fun Time, but I never shared my inspiration behind that?;>. Well today I am. I wanted to create a cute text sticker for you all so that's why I was waiting for it's completion. So here is my rad inspiration behind creating this crazy shot. I did face art inspired by below shot and the milk box idea as well :


Cray!. By the way isn't this stars sweater with matching pink Cadillac a real dream coming true?.

Photo Source: Wildfox


I spotted this adorable chic wearing the same rad sweater too.

Photo Source: Dollskill


Now for your FREEBIE, Today I made a sticker for you girls using Adobe Illustrator. Decided to add it for free ;>. The above picture had cool writing on it. So I made a similar version of that for you. Have fun and use it on your photos:

Simply save this sticker and upload it in "Stamps" under sticker options at Or you can even add the sticker on your photos using Adobe or Microsoft PowerPoint (Come on, at least you know how to do that surely right?).


I am creating tons of new content for my blog.
Chop, chop.
Share your snaps with me on instagram by #saoirsechic, 
If only you want me to FIND YOU and feature your work ;>.


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