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Product Review: Almond Oil Cuticle Balm and Bamboo Paddle Brush by "The Body Shop"

Hello there kiddies :>. I am starting new label called "Product Reviews" where I will guide you through useful products which I have personally used myself and loved them. Today I will share with you my review of "Almond oil nail and cuticle balm" and "Bamboo Paddle Brush" by The Body Shop. I would like to say both of these products proved to be the most useful/handy asset ever. Here is why:


"Almond Oil Nail and Cuticle Balm":
Almond oil contains vitamin E which is natural remedy for nail and cuticle problems caused by vitamin deficiencies. Ever found your cuticles stiffening and becoming tad bit difficult to work with delicate hands?. This product will save you from cuticle turmoils.

  1. Size of balm container is as big as that of lip balm container. It's easy to carry in your pocket/pouch.
  2. At back of packaging says it's made in USA.
  3. Filling inside is 12 ml (12 g).
What It Claims:
  • Smoothens the stiffening of cuticles
  • Heals nail ridges(on regular use)
  • Heals Scaling of Cuticles
  • Heals Hangnails
How To Apply?:
  • Dunk out little amount of balm from container and apply on edges of your cuticles.
  • Can be applied on surface of nails too.

Whenever I get painful hang nails or stiffening of cuticles I dab some of this soothing balm texture on my nails. It works like magic!. The balm has lovely almond oil scent and is soft in texture, leaving my nails looking shiny with smooth cuticles. Another thing which I would like to add is the balm's non-sticky texture which other nail oils lack. This can be thought of as a plus point, since at the end of the day, we do not want to plunk our fingers into container of oil. The healing impact of this natural elixir can be felt instantly on the very first day. I love how much compact and convenient this balm is for instant relief from cuticle pain. Also the balm like texture helps in keeping fingers less greasy compared to the oil form.

Availability/ Price:

Almond Oil Nail and Cuticle Balm is easily available at all Body Shop outlets. Currently, Body Shop official website is not selling this product online. Price varies from website to outlet ranging from
700 1200 Rs.

I would recommend you to get this soothing balm if your nails/cuticles require serious attention;>.

I give 5/5 rating to this balm ★★★★★


"Bamboo Paddle Brush":

This amazing design of paddle brush tends to be wider in width(compared to standard brush). Regular use of this brush will not only distribute your hair oils/sebum equally in your scalp, but will also increase blood circulation for faster growth of long hairs.


Comes in transparent packaging with body shop tag and knotted bow.

What It Claims:

  • Helps to detangle long hairs
  • Stimulates natural hair oil from scalp

How To Use?:

Brush your hair everyday twice/thrice for quick hair growth and evening of natural hair sebum on your scalp.


I have been using body shop paddle brush for over 5 months now and guarantee you it can work wonders for you. I have got very long, frizzy hairs which can be quite painful to detangle by using simple comb. When I'm in a hurry, body shop paddle brush comes handy after I shower and need quick brushing. Moreover my hair growth has also increased during the course of 5 months and now they reach below my waist. You will enjoy using this brush on your hairs since it's wider in width which helps to create relaxing sensation as it's pins gently stimulates scalp. 

Availability/ Price:

Paddle Brush is available on body shop official website here. It is also available on all outlets. Price ranges from 800 Rs. to 1500 Rs. for this brush depending upon store location/website.

I'd recommend you to use The Body Shop Paddle brush for sleek detangled hair.

I give 5/5 rating to this paddle brush ★★★★★


Hope you enjoyed my review ;>, What do you think about this review? Would you buy cuticle balm or paddle brush by body shop for yourself?. Leave in comments.
More product reviews coming soon.


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