Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ghostly Gossip: Lindsay Lohan

I love lindsay lohan and her style. She is the most stylish chic I have ever seen. It's quite rare for a celebrity to be chubby and still look cute. What's more astonishing is that she has dated 100's of boys and still manage to look so beautiful always. It's quite sad how badly media portrays her. But when you go check out her personal Instagram account, her life is not as bad as shown in tabloids. She is having fun, enjoying life and most importantly looks beautiful.

I admire her style since "Freaky Friday" came out. 


Despite the Botox rumors she still looks hot from closeup. Of course we all get bad photos, but that does not mean she has gone ugly or something. I came across some of her very bad photos but it's all natural. Not everyone is perfect.


Her style is all "Girly-girl", with red hair and bangs.  I love her wardrobe in 'Mean Girls".


This cover was a bomb. It has all top stars from 2003-07.  Including my favorite star lindsay lohan too ;>.

I love the fact everyone is wearing pink toned dressing here ;>.  Man, I do miss Raven though.


Will be sharing lots of more "Ghostly Gossip" with you all ;>,

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