Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Tea Party, Are you invited?

Hello there kiddies :>. It's been ages since we got away from usual reality and I took you for a ride into my fantasy world of Epic Fun Time. This is my time of the day where I get to do whatever crazy I feel like in an Epic way ;>. So now you tell me what is your fantasy kids?.

It was a while since I felt for something "Sweet"(Exactly, I feel sweet not from stomach but from heart lol ;>). So I took a trip to my favorite bakery in the world "Tehzeb". They sell my favorite gourmet donuts, bagels and cupcakes. Bought myself what?;>. Here it is:
  • 2 Bagels
  • 1 sugary Donut
  • Cherry Cheese Cake
  • Blue berry Cheese Cake
  • Almond Cupcake
  • Mixed fruit and Macaroni salad
  • Black forest Cupcake (Reminds me Dorthy gale's cupcakes ;> right here:

So I bought everything and decided to do a little tea party for myself. I drank tea in this adorbs Mad-hatter's teapot. Read my favorite Archie Comics. My coffee and cola coaster looked cool in photo so I added there just for fun. Full diy of this coaster is right here.

Did you received invitation for my tea party?;>. No?. Then sorry you not invited xp.


And since it was such a sweet day. I put on all of my brooches which I handmade myself.


How about the boxer brooch?;>.


Next time I am inviting you kids for my fun little tea party ;>.



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