Monday, May 2, 2016

New Haircut, Fun Photoshoot and Air Nexus

I had such an awesome time man. I had an haircut, attended this awesome event at Airnexus 2016 and then went for photoshoot with my brother from another mother :D. Much more updates below. Scroll down fellas to read about my life:

Here is my haircut inspo behind my new hairstyle:

#1 Hashim Mehmood my mentor, my awesome buddy & amazing guitarist. Your cool rock n roll hairstyle inspired me on first place to get hairstyle makeover \m/ grin emoticon rock on man.

#2 The haircut Kristen Stewart got for her movie "Runaways" where she played role of Joanna jett.

#3 Lastly, my idiol Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel

So the final result is mixture of all 3 of my all time favorite artists grin emoticon. I idolize you all & look onto you so much. Thank you for being such amazing source of inspiration for me ;>.

Here is how my final hair cut looks fellas:


Here are some cute pictures of ours:

Me and my lost bro' :D

I had such an awesome time touring air university, thanks to my brother waqar :D


Here is my awesome diary update in my latest video fellas:


Lastly, you all are invited:

My very very good friend Irum Zahra having her book launch on 9th May 2016. Guys, do come & check it out. I am going there too excited for my friend c:


Will share with you guys my photo shoot pictures & ideas in next post ;)

grin emoticon

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