Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bjork Cat Boyfriend, Surreal thoughts or Reality?

Ever wondered what will it be like to have a cat boyfriend?. Ha!. Fancy that rad imagination?, you should. I always looked at cats as my own "babies". But never in my 100 years I could imagine my cat boxer as my "boyfriend". 

Then I saw bjork's video concept the other day called Triumph of a heart. Where she depicts her cat in vest and which later fully grows into male giant cat of her size.

*pretty cat snoggs?*

*dancing with her kitty*

Haha look at him here adorable in vest aint he?

Talking about cat boyfriends, how about a fully grown male cat costume?
Cat costume which looks so real like as if a real giant kitty standing in front of you with his cute little paws ready to snuggle you. *awwws*

Homie, marry me?
I am famished,
Anyone up for cat biscuits?


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