Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ramblings: I want to Fly like a bird up in the air..

"Look at up in the Sky..
Touch my Skin,
& Realize,
I want you to make me,
Fly up in the Air..."

- Lines Taken from my own written song "Fallen Betrayed"


There are a lot of things,
I wish I could do.
A lot of things I want to pursue.

Talking to specific people,
made me realize,
everything is possible & achievable,
if it's done from your heart and soul.

But when the fragile heart,
Due to discouragement received from 9 out of 10 people everyday.
You eventually start doubting your own Dreams.

Everything has a time,
Everything has a place,
Everything is possible In this life,
My friends.

Dream Big,
Think positive,
Because if not today,
One Day,
You will learn how to Fly..

Two things I want from this Life though which are:
  1. Wings on my back
  2. Knowing how to Fly

Envision Your Life,
Live Your Dream,
Never Stop Believing.



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