Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Custom Order for Art Journal Set

Hello there friends, I am finally getting to share with you all my new products and artwork c:. I was away for very long time finding energy/motivation to share my art. Then I came across this amazing motivational video of Will Smith. 

I was blown away by the powerful words. It made me realize: \Creating art & cool products is how I can help people in terms of humanity, spreading bits of love & happiness. I can't take away that from all of you can I?.

Last month , I received a custom order for art journal set, which includes a handmade Art journal with neon dividers, a custom made sketch of my client (on cover) and a art journal starter set. Have a closeup below :

The art journal set includes:

  • Custom made sketch on cover
  • A journal with dividers
  • Art Journal Starter Kit
  • 10 plus sticker sheets and colored papers.

My customer wanted to have all of her favorite things made in her sketch. Which includes cats, cellphone, fast food, camera, diary and her bag's brand "FlutterFly".


Here is how the pack looks like:

Includes 50+ embellishes, stickers, scraps, original doodle art, tags & accessories.

Which are:
→Couple boxers original doodle art
→10+ mini doodle art scraps
→10+ embellishes including buttons, half moon pendant, rubber stick ons & gemstones
→20+ Tags, cutouts & a cute groovy chic diary accessory.
→1 original illustration with hot pink outline
→10+ pink, blue bows, velvet ribbon trim, yarn floss & candy wrappers
→A pink Foam heart cut out
→Pack of sequins
→A leather heart with heart shape pin


Each art journal set include one of these cute outlined illustrations. Every illustration will have variation c:


With every order I also will be adding Free gifts. With this order I send Kitten heartbreak stationery set & a handmade get well soon card :>.


What do you think about my custom order fellas?

You can place custom order for your own custom made art journal right here at my shop.



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