Wednesday, May 25, 2016

10 Rad Ear Piercing Ideas To Die For This Summer

After seeing all of these rad-uber-cool looking piercings, kids, don't go cry an ocean to your mama for getting another new piercing because you will{exception for me made here because I will be joining a field where I am not allowed to have ear piercings more than two. What am I joining?that's yours to find out in time, remain curious ;) }.

To start off with my favorites, Dino-mites :D .



How about something more dangerous like these wolverine claws piercings?


Frog prince?, have you found yours yet. This looks harmless though xp.


Infinity & beyond. Buzz light year sounds great here.


This is recyclable. As long as you can find a tiny key to spray paint golden. Key ear piercing is crazy.


Safety pins :D . I was trying this yesterday. Painful but safety pin ear piercing does looks cool.


This skull baby ear piercing is insanely RAD.


Tik Tok , from Wizard of Oz. Remember his key behind back? It's that yes.


Zodiac sign stars connection. Pretty.




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