Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hello From The Other Side

Finally, finally, finally fellas.
I courage up to open up my blog & show you all gals & guys,
Of what I've been up to from past 3 months.

I know I totally disappeared from the scene,
Like literally blacked out.

No, I aint dead,
I am alive xp.

My laptop just got busted & luckily I've just purchased it a week ago.
You know the drab of "reinstalling" everything,
 *groans, I heard ya*

So much has been happening in my life,
I can't wait to share with you all.

But first & most importantly,
I'd like to announce big change on my blog,
As you might have noticed I've changed my blog url to "Diary of Seresha".

Reason #1 : I will be sharing my life diary & art on this blog only, meaning no more DIYs. I figured early in January 2016, that I was not enjoying giving "diys". So I quit.

Reason #2: I have a band & face book page called Diary of seresha. Where I've been sharing my daily diary/all events/activities from past 3 months.

Reason #3: I want to talk about things which I enjoy talking about & creating.

So here I am typing in at mid expose & informing you about my big change after 3 months of vanishing act.

Irony, Ha xp

Listen chicas, have a look at my page below & you be the judge yourself:

Will I disappear again?

I'm right here.
I will show you my Real self now fellas,
It took me a lot of time to reveal my personality,
Because I was scared.
& now i simply don't give a fuck xp


Here are my two alter-egos in case you did not knew. 
Which one would you prefer?


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