Friday, December 5, 2014

My White Dress Story

Good evening everyone i'm so excited for the coming days as a lot of my SECRET projects will be revealed one by one ;>. I'm very busy working and planning, but for blogging I will always have time now. It's Day#9 and i'm still posting regularly^^, so happy have not missed a DAY. Today I'm here to share my white dress that I designed for wearing at this family wedding^ check it out:

The Look:

I purchased a half stitched ball gown dress from my friend & recycled it to give my own touch to it. All I did was got a red net crop jacket stitched & buckled up waist with black studded belt. Voila, the look was complete ;>.


Makeup and Hairdo:

I wanted to do light makeup but flaunt with red lipstick along. As I love wearing dark lip colors and rocking in them^.


Close up of my makeup. ^


Accessorizing It:

I decided to wear  just one cute glitter bracelet, black stones necklace, black ring and silver earrings. Glitter bracelet is from metro shoes Islamabad.


Final Look:

I went with black platform heels, as i'm not so much good at walking in pencils ;>.


Thanks for checking out my white dress story x>.




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