Monday, December 1, 2014

Cute Birds For Sale!

Lately i'm writing for my own pleasure i'm so happy so far it's day#4 and I've not lost my drive to post EVERYDAY for next 30 days till I develop permanent habit so YaY to that ^^. Next up I have some adorable birdies for SALE. Good news 20% is off on these till December 2014. I adore these birdies so much check out all the fun I get to have with these below:

For the PROMO photo I wanted to make them seem
real so I added real bird eggs and positioned them in such a way
that they looked "ADOPTABLE" ;>.


After apple vinegar treatment birdies came
and sat on my hair xD.

Buy your pair of birdies from here^^


I couldn't resist so I made a yarn wrapped bird nest with real bird eggs
and put this on SALE along with birdie^.
You can buy this cute birdie nest from here. It's hardly for 2.50$.


I did not had enough of my birdies so when my friend came
over, she made a nest bun on my head and make one
birdie sit on it :>. And yes that's my multi colored 
Studio room behind ;>.

Still thinking to pass opportunity to buy these ?;>.
Don't! Click here to buy yours!


And lastly my friend loved them's birdies too :D!
Wear them at hairs, decorate them or use them
for displaying your vintage products :>. like this:


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Thanks for letting me share my fun birdies,

Until next time,
Take Care,



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