Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Inspirations: "Table Decorations Edition"

Hey ya all did you really thought I won't blog post today and disappear like "asual" the way I did before?^ Hell No!. I've made my goal to post every single day for next 30 days till I develop permanent habit to post daily.As I love you all sooooo damn much and as much as I love sharing ideas with you all, I can't make it wait anymore^^. I was out all day specifically working on this SUPER fun SECRET PROJECT with a close friend of mine;>(I will reveal to you all soon about it:D). Although I came home not exactly tired but less energetic, I still decided to "blog". 

So today I have some super fun pins and ideas to share with you all specifically "table decorations" that you can make for fun candle light dinners with your beau or say a party you arranging. All images are taken from either pinterest or Google search engine, I've lost their links. I don't own any of these photos would like to add links under if one of these belong to you so contact me;>:

#1 Floating Candles:

This one is the prettiest thing I've ever seen.
Adds a lot of calm touch to the whole aura as well.
Put some glass pebbles, flowers in vase along with water and 
place one candle on top ;>. What a cute idea for a candle lit eh?


#2 Wild Roses Stand:

This one taken from . The base is made
from cement first with poked holes. Then you can place test tubes
with water and roses later. The base can be made from porcelain as 
well, what do you think?^


#3 Pringle Box  Center Piece:

I gotta admit this idea got me!. So damn cool,
who would have even thought about this?.


#4 Snow Globe:

Pretty, pretty :>. As Christmas approaching,
this can be a perfect gift to your little one.^


#5 Lace Up:

Use lace for covering up candle holders. 
A little tip use multi colored lace for fun, colorful
birthday party x>.


#6 Frosted Jars:

This can be made mixing a little corn flour in 
German glue then by using your paintbrush
make fun patterns on the jars^.


#7 Washers As Decoration:

Twist green washers around the glass and paste a cute
artificial rose on one side :>. Perfect for
wedding reception i guess ?;>.


#8 Crepe Paper Leaves:

This is so refreshing. Paste crepe paper leaves on sticks,
place them in vase to unveil the refreshing look in your room.


#9 Chalk Paint Jars:

Found them very cute for Halloween or just a 
fun room decor.^


#10 Decoupage It: 

A simple technique which requires you to paste anything in paper form 
using German glue on your products, like these above pretty girly
candle holders;>.


Thanks for letting me share these fun table decorations^

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Until next time,
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