Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cat Lady Necklaces!^

I was wondering yesterday that maybe I should not post just once, but 2-3 times a day. As my PC is filling up with new ideas for blog posts it's getting quite outta control lately.^ I love sharing ideas, my hand made products and behind the scenes of everything I create.Being an artist is a full time job, but so much fun, I will not TRADE my ideas with anything else on planet  for sure(not even gold lol). Anyway, since I'm a CAT LADY, my every product collection should have something cat related in them x>.

Today I'm here to share my cute hand made cat lady necklaces which are on SALE to purchase from my face book page: Style At Foot Step

The first necklace here is made from porcelain,^
I did some carving job n this one. Then painted it
as desired with gloss spray x>.


I really wanted it to have touch of NEON on it,
so i attached it to neon yarn x>.


So cute if you accessorize it well with say 
stripy top?^. You can buy this Cat lady porcelain
necklace from my page, for only 2.50 $.
(That's even less than 3$)


Next I made the same style necklace with felt x>,
it looks super cute and fun to wear.
As it's back side is totally glitterfied.


I hand painted it's front and attached,
matching purple yarn as necklace.
I'm a professional at felt cutting,
I specialize in it^^


Cute and pretty necklace for all cat ladies out there;>.
is ready to purchase at my page.
For only 2.50$


Which Cat lady necklace would you got for?^,
Black or Purple one?;>,
Comment and share.


Thanks for letting me share my Cat Lady Necklaces.
Next time I will share my felt Scissors and house necklace;>.


Thanks for checking out my cat lady necklaces^^
If you enjoyed what I created here,
then you will enjoy my upcoming
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Sharing is Caring x>.


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Until next time,
Take Care,



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