Saturday, December 6, 2014

Raffle Ticket Winner!^

Few months ago when I kept a cute booth at Minerva, I added these hand made gifts to raffle ticket which were won through lucky draw^^. It was quite cool giving away these gifts to the lucky winner: Ayesha. So anyway, today i'd like to share these gifts with you and how I made them. I will b starting FREE WEEKLY GIVEAWAY contest of "Scrap Book Collage Digital Kits". It will be super fun seeing you make digital scrapbooks from these kits;>so I can't wait. Here are my raffle ticket gifts:

A cute decoupage mug, heart ring and a
pretty glitterfied hand made card x>.


My Inspiration Board:

I like adding cute upcoming projects at my inspiration board,
for decoupaging i already had these cut outs made. Also
the gift packaging ribbon tips I already have shared
them here^^.


Decoupage Mug:

(Front Side Of Mug)

For this I Decoupaged cute little cat and dog doodles,
along with writings on both front and back
side of mug;>. I used German glue
for decoupaging.


(Back Side Of Mug)

I made a cute heart customizable tag with moleskin paper and
added this to a white box x>.


Heart Ring:

This heart ring was from my "Lovefre3k Series" in 2012,
it had pretty white checkers print on top of heart. I used
silver base for it x>. Cute right?^.


Glitterfied Card:

For this I glitterfied the whole card leaving the middle 
flower portion only. The using gold lead I filled in lines
of flower. Then i wrapped this card into clear packaging^^.


Hope you enjoyed checking out my raffle ticket gifts^^
It was fun sharing with you :>


If you totally digged my hand made goodies here,
and would like to learn how to make all this,
then join my super fun workshop being held
at National Academy of Art and Design.
Everyone from Islamabad and Rawalpindi are
 encouraged to join x>. For reading full details of workshop
just read my blog post here.

For registering contact above number or 
inbox me at my face book page for workshop


Thanks for letting me share my new products and cute little
workshop details.


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Until next time,
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