Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Food Diary: Pizza, Caramel, Steaks & Black Forest!

I'm so excited about my upcoming projects that i'm gonna be revealing soon :>. As Christmas is approaching and a New Year is starting I can't wait to reveal my "60 before 26" goals too.^ Well, I never shared my real age before, so let me tell you all I am 25 years old(I just turned 25 on August 10th this year). I may look quite younger than my age (family genes and I love it, people say i'm 18 when they see me;>).

As much as I love food :>, I like giving Reviews too side by side of new food I eat and also what I enjoy eating the most. So today i'm starting new blog label "Food Diary". There will be 10 editions of this label, in each one of these I will be revealing my favorite cuisines, snacks and sweets which I love spoiling myself with ^^.

All my reviews are based on Pakistan/Dubai cuisines as these are the two countries I've been my whole life. I might review other country food too if i'll get a chance to try them;>.


Let's start out with number#1 shall we?^:

#1 PIZZA: 

I love pizza , the best kind of pizza topping is : 
sausages, capsicum, black olives, tomatoes, mushrooms
and extra cheese. I do model for fun, but never diet. I eat like
a lion always ;>. Never tried this combi?^, you should now.!


Best pizza to order at home is :ITALIAN PIZZA.
Pizza Hut rocks too. But if you are eating in a budget,
best option is to become member of Italian Pizza and
you get 1 pizza for FREE by ordering one;>.
Cool right?. Valid in Islamabad/Rawalpindi. 
I'm not sure about other cities^.


#2 Caramel and Desi Sweets:

One thing I can't resist is Methai and home made
CARAMEL. If you get a chance to visit Pakistan,
definitely I'd recommend you to buy some Methai from
dhaka sweets. My favorite is Daal ke Methai and also
gulab jaman ;>.


#3 Home Made Steaks:

Why not buy one of these steak trays and bake your own
home made steaks with proper mashed potatoes, veggies and
fry egg with cheese :>.Absolutely YUM^!.
It tastes far more better than restaurant version trust me :>.


#4 Black Forest Cake:

Every cake on one side and black forest cake on the other.
It's just the best cake ever having pineapples layered in between
chocolate cake and cream. Just the best and my favorite ^^.
Definitely get this made on your birthday fellas :>.


#5 Peach Malt:

I love Peach Malt, not tried it yet
you should. It's the best refreshing drink
ever. Far better than frizzy drinks if you wanna
cool your brain down, this one is for you^^


Thanks for letting me share my cravings,
one of these might even become your cravings


Until next time,
Take Care,



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