Monday, December 8, 2014

Checklist and Floral Pants!

Today I have my checklist and these pretty floral pants to share with you all and my photo shoot peek^^:

My Checklist:

1- Nike deos (available at shaheen's Jinah super)
2- Black diary(For your goals available at any bookstore)
3- Canon power shot A4000 (awesome crystal clear results, you can order it online or buy from canon shop)
4- Floral tights(Was last in stock in this shade you can buy it in pink & black from STONEAGE Jeans Co.)
5- Owl pendant(Forever 21 or go hunting at haroons/illusions)
6- Floral bangle(from opia uk, contrasting with my tights;D)
7- The Bachman Books (Gonna be reading my fresh copy;>, fan of stephen king novels*available at saeed book bank*)
8-Sharp scissors(Every designer's need;), must have)


 Floral Pants:

I love these floral skinnies so much you will be seeing me wear them all winter^


Matching Cushion:

Guess what my grandma has a cute vintage chair which has exactly a similar print like that of my skinny pants^^


Now For The Shoot Peek:

My friend took some fun shots of me wearing these floral pants and a little hint: Pumpkin Pie Bows;>




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