Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Rad Mediums To Express

I'm the king of concepts. Love em, make them, can't live without them. I take 98% of inspiration from my real life and the rest 2% from some cool shit I see on internet. tbh I use different mediums to express myself whether it's in form of writing, drawing, making videos, painting or designing. All these are tools gifted to me by God for a reason.

Taking away any one of these mediums from me, would be as equally damaging as taking away my one limb, eye or chopping off my ear.

I just can not live with out expressing myself. Vlogging is just another excuse of me being able to express myself. The whole point of creating "art" is to make sure whatever that's inside; has been brought forward and released. Absorbing them feelings can create tumultuous cancer in any artist's soul. For preventing the cancer to grow inside, you must create and use different mediums to express yourself.

When writing fails choose video blogging, when video blogging fails start drawing, when drawing fails sing instead and when singing fails you paint.


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