Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fanart and *Looking for Music Producer For Background Music For My Vlogs*

I'm so very gratfeul for all the love and support y'all give me by sending me love. I loved this fanart so much that I made a mockup out of it. Thank you so much The Success Club for making this rad art piece for me.
Another one of my fandoms made this rad animation for me. This guy is super talented with awesome videography/photography skills and is musician as well . Love this intro he made for me <3

I'm so blessed with everyone's support for my vlogging youtube channel. Everyone is helping me to grow and evolve in my own space.

As to my fandoms,
Anyone who wants to make fanart for me or anything can always email me at:

Ps- I'm now looking for someone with music making skills as I want a cool rock n roll background music for my vlogs.

Fanart by: The Success Club
My Youtube Channel Intro Animation: Jahanzeb Zaffar

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