Thursday, December 8, 2016

Life Lesson # 1: When people say mean, damaging and hurtful things which are said out of ignorance

One of the biggest detriments of life is negativity, when your loved ones say negative things to you. But know this, when people say mean, damaging, negative, hurtful things which are said out of ignorance. Forgive them. Everyone acts out of their own pain.

If your grandma, mum, dad, sibling or best friend says anything mean and damaging to you, know this; They are only saying all those things to you out of frustration and ignorance.

Three specific scenarios where anyone can use your weakness against you can be when someone says to you:
  • Your art is shit and you will never be successful in your life.
  • You are a Loser, that's why every man/person leaves you/that's why everything bad happens to you always because you don't deserve it.
  • "So you're trynna be a tomboy eh? That's why you are in between, not a boy nor a girl.
Now a lot of you out there might recognize these three above mentioned scenarios as hatred  towards you and a cause for just bringing you down. Here's a thing, people say mean things as a reflection of themselves. Say, someone calls you a "loser", it don't mean you are a "loser". But it means they see themselves as a big fat "loser".

Negative words can influence your exterior but not your inside. Don't matter who says what to you. What matters the most is how you react to such negativity. Because at the end of the day, you only have control over yourself and your actions.

So, question comes how to deal with such circumstances?. The best remedy: Walk away, do not listen. Pretend you did not even heard them. Sometimes ignorance is bliss and in this case it is wise to become naive. Anything which is negative and is not serving you in a positive way or helping you to grow. Cut them out of your life instantly.

One of the reasons that why I keep negative energy 10 feet away from my space is that, I can not afford someone to fill their negative energy in my present space which will in return effect my future.

"Be thankful for every thorn, 
People might throw at you,
It is a sign,
That you will soon be showered 
with blessings of roses"
Watch my full Life Lesson as I explain to you in detail this amazing empowering life lesson with some useful quotes right here.


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