Monday, December 5, 2016

Harry's Birththday Party and Black Friday!

The very notion of why am not able to blog these days I have cracked; I don't share my everyday experiences with you but pick events that have already happened and write about them. The thoughts and my enthusiasm does not remain present-day which prevails my passion. I really want to share my every day diary with you all and what I have been up to. I am launching *New* art diary videos soon starting from this week Friday. Where I will share and give you peeks of my new products with their inspiration.Yesterday, I filmed the very first art diary video, I can't wait for you to see. You can subscribe to my you tube channel here in case you don't miss out on my updates.

Positive Affirmations:

One of the biggest virtues I have learned from yesterday is this: Your negative words can have great impact on future. Be very careful in what kind of energy you allow into your space because it eventually comes back to you. That's why I keep negative people/energy 10 feet away from my space. Another very useful technique which I learned recently to do is: Every time I get pissed off or angry when something bad happens, I don't Cuss or abuse, but i have replaced the abusive word with positive affirmation i.e I am millionaire!. I realized very soon that using the "F" word will have equal impact on my future as much as any positive word. So why not replace bad negative words with positive affirmations that could help you too?. Think about it, it can really change your life.

Black Friday Haul With Gul:

Back in march 2016, I met Guliafshan Tariq (-The girl who broke Pakistan Record) for first time ever at Tedx (I'll share my story some day of how I got selected for tedx islamabad), I took her interview too that you can see right here. Then in August Gul was launching her clothing brand Rukhsaar, she invited me to be model for her clothes. Was it luck or by fate, we became very good friends after that. We went to black Friday haul together recently and had so much fun.

*Us having pizza at Pizza Hut*

Here is what I purchased:
  • Junk Food (Golden eclair pack for my bestfriend sophia)
  • 3 new diaries
  • Ear tops ( I bought one pair of them for Gul)
  • Cool emoji Key chain
*I don't ever spend a penny on clothes/shoes, I recycle fashion and mostly shop from vintage stores very rarely. Most of my money is spend on junk food, accessories and stationery. I'm changing the junk food spending though, I really would want to start eating healthy.

Harry's Birthday Party:

I celebrated my very good friend Harry Events & PR's birthday party on last black Friday. Yesterday, I spend whole day editing the Vlog.

You can watch the full vlog here:

On Other Note, K-Pop Dance Classes:

My best friend Sophia Mujahid has launched recently K-pop inspired dance classes organized by;
Elite Fitness Dojo , check out her dance class first video here. I'm just so proud of her, she has worked so very hard for this.

Fatima Jinnah Women University Expo:

Me & my buddy Gul will be going to an Expo being organized by FJWU on 8th December, timing 10 am - 4pm.  It is a great opportunity to connect with 60+ handmade stalls, if you chics want to come join us. Do drop by, I'll be there.

Thanks for checking my diary fellas, I had fun sharing all this. See you tomorrow.


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