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Featured Artist # 8: A tattoo Fanatic: Hassan Nawaz

From artists to designers I've seen them all in past 7 years. But one of the most coolest and interesting part about my this week's "Featured Artist" is that he is insanely fanatic about drawing intricate tattoos on all of his portraits. Give a warm welcome to sketch artist Hassan Nawaz.

Question#1: Yo! how's it going?. Introduce yourself to the internet. Where you from?.What you do?. What are your interests?. And what makes you tick?

Hi!, I'm hassan who went to college for just a "show", didn't get really good grades, but still tried so far. I live in Multan. I love cats, only have a dog unnecessarily but I love him too. The talent I have I don't know if it's cool or something. I just draw in my free time. I mostly stay at home don't really like going out except on purpose.

Question#2: Ok, cool so you're more like an introvertive type. One of the fascinating characteristic of your art is the consistent use of tattoos?. Can you explain what that signifies to you in your mind?.

That makes me tick everyday,"attractive girls with piercings and tattoos". The difference is obvious "you can place a paper with nothing on it and on the other one with art on it" what's takes more of your attention is the same way I think about always choosing tattooed people which attracts the eye that sees it.

Question#3: Share your sketch making process and how much time does it take to create one sketch?

This was while it was in process. It takes more than 15 hours to draw a single sketch. I haven't started on any new drawings but in the next few days you're going to see some more.

Question#4: Many of your sketches are of musicians and famous people with tattoos. Are you a rock n roll junkie?

Yes, I'm. I like bands and musicians like BOTDF, Taylor swift and Justin bieber. I'm not gay though, if someone thinks I am so fuck you don't really care.

Question#5:  Haha atta boy that's the attitude. Your obsession with tattoos, is evident, can we expect you getting a tattoo yourself in near future?

Yeah, I am going to get tattooed along with my lips pierced too. That looks really cool.

Question#6: For how long have you been sketching and are you satisfied with the current progress of your sketch work? Or do you think you can still improve your skills more with time?

I was 5 years old when I started drawings. It's been 15 years since I'm doing this and I've come this far. Who ever sees my art, always gives me a thumbs up to the awesomeness of the way I do my drawings. I really am thankful to them. I'll say, with more time and practice I can give better results.

Question#7: Is it safe to say, you have finally found the purpose of your life i.e sketching or do you think you are still striving to find real purpose and passion of your life?

I cannot say I've found the real purpose of my life. Because there are a lot of things which can be done on more bigger scale which I will.

Question#8: What advice would you like to give to youngsters who are starting out as sketch artist. But they are not sure in which direction they should go?

To all those who think they are good at art and are taking a fresh start:"Don't look at what others are doing, do your own shit make people look forward to what you have to offer".

Question#9: Are you currently, doing custom artworks and in process of selling your sketches? What is your price range?.

I take a lot of commissions for those who ask me for a certain demand and cannot pay, hush' don't bother me. I don't sell sketches that I draw for my own portfolio which I've posted. My price range is 5k to 10k depending upon the picture, 5k is the minimum amount.

Question#10:  In Pakistan, it can become quite overwhelming at times for not getting right type of recognition for your art. Do you have any tips for struggling artists who can get discouraged by the stigmata of our society and how to keep yourself motivated even when nobody appreciates your art?. Also share some of your struggles as a living artist who is following his passion in Pakistan.

Good question. Really, in Pakistan I don't think people are into appreciating art.
You have to create a certain type of art that attracts people. What I create right now has received a lot of support from people of foreign countries like USA(states) and England. Those who are struggling to get themselves recognized must not let anyone bring their spirits down. Keep rolling until you reach the end where you want to see yourself. My mom don't really likes me drawing such art and tries to keep me away while telling me religious facts about it. But I don't really listen because when you have a gift of creating art, people must get to see it all. I stay awake at nights making drawings while my mom is away that way I still get to draw and not create an atmosphere of distraction for myself, yet manage to get my art out for the world to see.

*Thank you hassan for letting us in your world of art giving and us peek at what goes on behind an artist's mind*

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