Friday, March 31, 2017

DIY: Emoji Iron On Patches (Cool Kid Fashion)

Hello amigos! I have been lately very busy managing, promoting and marketing my youtube channel and vlogging page. I am getting no time for blogging/handmade items. But here is this cool emoji sleeve patch I made recently. Not only you can recycle any of your old clothes but add some personality to say your old hoodie you're totally bored of wearing, but at the same time look like a cool kid sporting new trend among your gang!.

Materials Used:
  1. Cotton cloth
  2. Iron on sheet (for patches)
  3. Black acrylic paint
  4. Paintbrush
  5. UHU Glue tube


Step#1: Paint sad emoji's on piece of cloth using acrylic paint( I went for sad ones because they look rad with rock n roll sign \m/. But you can go with any of happy or gay emojis if you like).

Step #2: Let the paint dry, then paste them emojis on iron on sheet using UHU glue tube ( I used single sided press on sheets, you can use double sided ones that way there won't be any need of UHU glue).

Step#3: Cut them out and using hot iron adhere them to your hoodie sleeve.

Ready to roll now dudes!

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