Friday, June 2, 2017

*Carnivals and Clowns*

As early as I remember, I was very much fond of the idea of carnivals. Jokers/clowns never intimidated me, in fact I kind of enjoyed messing around with them. My dream job often was imagined in a carnival place. Rides, candy, games, clowns, circus, fun; what person in the world would say no to all that?.

Last year on my 27th birthday I took all of my best friends for a fun mary-go-round ride and walk in birdland where we got to see some very cool animals and enjoy the rides/parade. I made a vlog as well on my whole birthday fun you can have a watch right here.

I plan something super fun for my upcoming 28th birthday and I just can not wait for everyone to be the part of it.

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-Diary Of Seresha

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