Thursday, May 11, 2017

Whistle Movie Premier

Not trynna be a nikhatto here or lookin cool. But damn, this event was great. Lux is all I can say. I'm such a shoda ass of a person sometimes. TBH that's the perk you get of being a "Leo". But the little-party-animal-syndrome I have can not propel against the reality of fun I want to have in my life. Like who in the world would not like glamour, party, fashion, makeup and jewelry?.But let's not get too grim n reaper about it. I'm a fashion junkie hoe.

So my bestfriend Sophia Mujahid invited me over for movie premier of "Whistle". It's an urban legend Pakistani flick. Event was held at Cinegold plex in bahriatown (Don't get me started on me getting lost in the roads out of road- dayhem i hate that b*tch place it's soo manipulative worse than a maze runner. Once lost, you can literally get killed during your journey). Finally I reached there after looking for the "cinegold" for more than 2 hours. 

I ate burger first up because I was hungry, then we went around in event and became party poopers. Taking pictures in every corner. And Oh yuss, sophia came on tv singing song at Rozetv. That was cute. We made a vlog, took interview of cast there,

And then;

It was Halleluyah when I spotted one of my acquaintances from the exhibition event i kept in 2015 for pinkribbon charity people. Captured all on my vlog. Watch and subscribe below here to my youtube channel:

"Whistle Movie Premier"
Event PR: The Glow Events
Location: Cinegold Plex, Bahria Town 
Choker From: The Art Geek
So you niggas ask me "Why do i go to such parties?" ofcourse why not. We get a reason to look cute and glamorous. most importantly free fooood.

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