Saturday, April 30, 2016

Have you forgotten you're going to die one day?

A simple question which you need to ask yourself,
If you feel de-motivated,
Depressed or lost in life.

We human beings get so much absorbed in our daily boring routine,
With shitty problems surrounding around,
Petty-useless things like,
"Oh, i don't got money to buy designer shoes, or designer bag",
Or I just got dumped,
& I'm so alone.

Do you really think you were sent on this planet to suck up your life problems 24/7?

We all have a purpose to serve,
A purpose to die for,
A purpose to live for.

It don't matter what is it that you do,
Compared to the fact what you are creating & at least putting it out,
For thousands of people to see.

I have come up with an awesome concept which can pull you out of circle of de-motivation,
Have a look at my brand new video rant on this topic below:

Hope it helps you in some way kids,



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